Isar Interactive

Isar Interactive is driven by a team of people who share a passion to work in a effective and dynamic way, like the Isar river, which is named after its dynamically changing water flow.

We have already worked together in the past in various projects. In 2009 we started with our mobile game Skat‘, which frequently is the number 1 card game in the German App Store, with millions of games played every day. Based on this tremendous success, in 2014 we founded Isar Interactive to develop intelligent apps with our trademark passion for detail.

Peter <br />Heinlein


CEO & Founder

PhD in mathematics, Peter is also the co-founder of a successful company in the medical sector and has started Skat many years ago. He loves to cycle to remote areas with his tent, and to play some rocky chords from his guitar.
Robert <br />Ziegler


Software Architect

Our highly experienced software architect who has built a strong expertise working in different industries. Robert graduated in mathematics and has crossed many times the alps with his mountain bike. He loves wild skiing offside the slopes.
Armin </br>Dobner


Windows Expert

Armin is our long standing expert for Windows. He is a physicist with a strong software experience in the mobile industry. Armin is fun company and not shy to ride with his touring bike over the highest alpine mountain passes (you detected the trend, didn’t you?).

Isar Interactive GmbH & Co. KG
Wolfzorner Str. 35
82041 Oberhaching